If acupuncture were a drug, we’d say the drug works.
— Andrew Vickers, Biostatistician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Why acupuncture?

For RELIEF from pain and other symptoms...

to speed REPAIR from injuries, surgery or dysfunction...

and for PREVENTION... the wisest choice.

To cure disease after it has appeared is like digging a well when one already feels thirsty or forging weapons after the war has already begun. 
— Huang Di Nei Jing

Who is it for?


People like you who want to function and perform better using safe, natural approaches. Anyone struggling with an injury, pain, or chronic health challenge who wants to maximize healing and minimize the need for medications. 

“I think the benefit of acupuncture is clear, and the complications and potential adverse effects of acupuncture are low compared with medication.”
— Dr. Lucy Chen, Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, specialist in Pain Medicine, and practicing Acupuncturist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital
There is sufficient evidence of acupuncture’s value to expand its use into conventional medicine.
— National Institute of Health, 1997 Consensus on Acupuncture


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