If acupuncture is new to you,
it helps to read what others have experienced:


If there was more than a 5 Star rating

“Thank you for you care and concern beyond your awesome help yesterday. Your magic worked very well. Last night was the first full night sleep I have had since I fell off the ladder 3 months ago. I worked 11 hours today and I can't believe how well my arm performed. Almost 95% pain free. I can't thank you enough. You passion and skill are a wonderful gift from God. If there was more than a 5 Star rating there is not enough stars in the world to tell how I feel. Thank you so much. I think you get the point. Thank you.”

— Tom M., Beach Lake, PA



"Just letting you know that I didn't realize it when I left my appointment today, but after that I walked around on my foot for about a half an hour (in flip flops) and I am AMAZED at how much better my foot feels!  The tightening is gone when I flex my foot and there was a part of my foot that really hurt when I put pressure on it and the pain is gone!  Still a little sore, but it's like 90% better right now! Thank you! Needless to say, I am a fan and I do believe that acupuncture works!!!!  See you next Friday!"

— D. W., Milford, PA


Much better

Just wanted to give an update on my KNEES. I felt much better by late afternoon yesterday. I would say 90% at least. ACUPUNCTURE works.

— Susan H., Greentown, PA



"I wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you,"The Healer" for providing my body and mind with such wonderful positive energy and most of all hope. You are a gifted woman."

— T. M., Milford, PA


Feeling so much better

"I wanted to let you know that my feet are feeling so much better, I can actually walk without feeling as though I'm being tourtured. Thank you."

— K. A., Greeley, PA



"My back feels the best in over a year. No back pain upon getting up in the morning. I'm standing up straighter, and that's tremendous."

— Nick L., Dingmans Ferry, PA


Haven't needed shots [in my spine] since I started

"Anca's abilities are outstanding. Used to need shots in my spine a few times a year. I haven't needed shots since I started seeing Anca. And her bedside manner is impeccable. If you want relief of many issues, she can and will help if at all possible."

— Ken I., Milford, PA


A few little needles could change everything

"I want you to know I'm like a completely different person. I've been in pain for so long that it's actually a little weird for me to get used to not being in constant pain. I can't thank you enough. Who knew a few little needles could change everything. You have made my vacation wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you."

— Cade R., Brooklyn, NY


I should have tried this much sooner

"Greatly reduced the pain in my neck and shoulder!!! I should have tried this much sooner!"

— Werner M., Lakeville, PA


It feels like magic

"Acupuncture uniquely addresses many problems. It feels like magic to have them vanish overnight. I've been to a few acupuncturists over the years and Anca is the best!"

— Mary P., Milford, PA


Great experience

"This was a great experience. Thank you Anca for taking the time and understanding to know about my pain. Right now I feel great! I certainly will have a follow up visit. I will share my experience with others. Thank you again.”

 — Alba V., Dingmans Ferry, PA


I have complete confidence in her

"I am very pleased with the care I have received during my appointment. Anca explains everything that is to be done during my treatment and I have complete confidence in her.”

— Linda G., Rowland, PA


Never felt better

"Once again Anca Marinescu has been absolutely right on. She shows u where the problem starts and stops the root cause. I am always feeling better and rejuvenated. I send anyone and everyone there. Now I understand she is in Milford PA too. If I had only found her sooner... I wouldn't go anywhere else. I have never felt better. Every time I go to see Anca Marinescu, she works her magic and I walk out feeling like a million bucks!!!"

— Ken I., Dingmans Ferry, PA

The best by far

"I've been to several different acupuncturists and Anca is the best by far! She listens carefully, has a gentle touch, and I've made progress after a few visits. Her office space is very comfortable and the experience gives me the time, space and treatment to allow me to unwind completely. Anca is passionate about her work and about helping her patients get on the road to overall well-being!”

— Harlan L., Milford, PA


Highly recommend

"I would highly recommend Anca Marinescu. She took time to go over my history and concerns, then explained what was going to happen and talked to me throughout the process. She doesn't tell you that it's gonna take one time, it might take 2 or 3 or even a month thing. Very upfront.”

— Blennie K., Montague, NJ 



"Anca is wonderful. Very calm and professional.”

— Jack R., Lords Valley, PA


Always makes me feel comfortable

'Anca is the most qualified and experienced acupuncturist I have ever received treatment from. I love how she constantly goes to seminars and classes to expand her knowledge in the health field. Anca always makes me feel comfortable and is a wealth of information in the health field. I buy supplements from her also."

— Alice M., Milford, PA


So happy

"I'm so happy to have found Anca. Her knowledge and kindness have been outstanding. I highly recommend acupuncture.”

— Cheryl M., Milford, PA



"Anca is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Takes her time to explain how the accupuncture works in a very gentle manner. She is really excellent, and never waiting time. Highly recommended."

— Gabriella B., Smallwood, NY


I will NEVER stop going

“I really can’t express enough how much Anca and A. M. Acupuncture has done for me. I have suffered from chronic pain for the past 13 years due to an accident and throughout all these years of trying so many ways to relieve the pain I finally have found something that has reduced it....SIGNIFICANTLY...and not just for a short period of time as massage, medication, etc has done for me. An added very big plus is that I have never experienced the level of relaxation I receive during and following acupuncture. I will NEVER stop going and highly recommend her!!!!!!”    

— Mary L., Milford, PA                                                                                                                                

Highly recommend

“Anca Marinescu is knowledgable in her field . She strives for the best for her patients. You walk in as a patient and walk out with a friend. Anca shows geuine empathy for her patients not always found in the medical profession. I highly recommend A. M. Acupuncture.”

— Isabel M., Youngsville, NY


Treatments have been extremely positive

“Each time I am in to see Anca my experiece is great! She is unbelievable kind and caring. Her treatments have been extremely positive!”

— Stacey S., Dingmans Ferry, PA


Amazed with the effectiveness

“Anca is a healer. If you are interested in whole-body-mind wellness, Anca is a guide to help you understand the intricacies of your lifestyle choices, your diet and your entire approach to wellness. I am thrilled and amazed with the effectiveness of acupuncture on my entire life. As a result of the effectiveness of my (very few) treatments to address specific issues: pain, digestion, headaches, sleep - I recommend her to everyone I know who believes in conscious, healthy, least invasive wellness. Thank you Anca!”

— Cena B., Milford, PA


My body feels better than I though was possible

“I am seeing Anca Marinescu for many reasons, however, she always helps what ails me. My body feels better than I thought was possible.”

— Ken I., Dingmans Ferry, PA


Amazing practitioner

“Anca is an amazing practitioner who has twice now helped me recover fully from herniated discs and related back pain issues when it seemed there were no other options left. Her extensive knowledge of chinese acupuncture combined with her keen instincts and natural abilities in the healing arts are second to none. I highly recommend her services to anyone suffering from chronic pain.”

— Jeanine C., Brooklyn, NY



“I had a lot of hip pain and was walking [bent] forward. When I got off [the treatment] table, I was 90 PERCENT BETTER!!! I FEEL GREAT! Acupuncture is amazing but u need to set time aside to continuing going!!”

— Andrea B., Dingmans Ferry, PA


85% improvement [of post-Shingles nerve pain]

“I came down with a really nasty case of shingles 9 months ago. After the blisters healed I was left with nerve pain that went from my spine around my waist to my belly button. I was prescribed strong medications most of which I could not function on... A friend strongly recommend I try Anca, and in the 2+ weeks that she has treated me I have seen about an 85% improvement. She took time to explain everything she was going to do and how acupuncture works. She has a very calming, reassuring way about her along with a great sense of humor. If anyone is considering trying acupuncture and is skeptical and/or a little afraid I would highly recommend you call Anca.”

— Mary B., Lords Valley, PA


I'm back to my active lifestyle again

“I’ve been dealing with side effects from lyme for almost a year. I’ve been to countless doctors and tried many medications with no relief. I really didn’t know what else to do until my friend recommended acupuncture. I was very reluctant and didn’t know much about it but I felt desperate! I’m so glad I did. Within a short time I started feeling significantly better and I’m back to my active life style again . I highly recommend Anca, She makes you feel comfortable and is a true professional.”

— Dawn L., Milford, PA


I haven't felt this good in years

“I recommend Anca highly! Anca is kind and cares about your well being. She makes you feel at complete ease with every needle. Anca is profoundly knowledgeable, detailed oriented and knows the exact muscles to treat. I’ve had extreme back pain & “ trigger finger” for the last 8 yrs, which she has treated & I haven’t felt this good in years. Her treatment rooms are state of the art and clean, music is calm, peaceful & relaxing. Anyone with doubts with acupuncture should pay her a visit!”

— Harlan L., Milford, PA


I was able to bend down for the first time in a year with no pain

“Anca is wonderful! I love going to see her. She takes the time to know what is going on with you and treats what is ailing you. I had excruciating pain with my Sciatic and after just one treatment it released so much of the pain that I was able to bend down for the first time in a year with no pain. This is one of the only places I love to go to relax and recharge me. I wish all medical professionals cared like Anca does.”

— Brandy C., Greentown, PA


Gave me the relief I couldn't find with any other route

“I’ve been going to Anca for years on and off when various symptoms have plagued me. Each time, she asks questions to get the full picture of the situation and each time I have gotten great results. My first experience with her was after years of pain from endometriosis and two surgeries. The acupuncture treatments finally gave me the relief I couldn’t find with any other route. She is so pleasant and calming and I trust her completely.”

— Susan B., Bayonne, NJ


Daily migraines greatly dissipated

“I have suffered many years from chronic daily migraines. I have been to numerous specialists and have tried numerous treatments all without relief. After hearing all the positive stories and Anca providing me with numerous studies showing the benefits of acupuncture, I decided to give it a try, even with a fear of needles. Within two treatments my chronic daily migraines greatly dissipated, within 4 treatments I could go 2+ weeks migraine free, something I had not experienced in over 10 years. I found myself looking forward to my treatments knowing they would provide me relief. Anca is not only amazing at what she does, but she is also so knowledgeable. She is constantly researching new supplements and studies for me. I cannot thank Anca enough for what she has done for me and recommend everyone to try acupuncture!”

— Tena M., Milford, PA


Best acupuncturist I have ever been to

“Anca is the best acupuncturist I have ever been to. I’ve been going for years and have found it to help me and my family with back pain, shoulder pain, jaw pain, knee pain, sinus problems and gastrointestinal issues. Anca is very knowledgeable about nutrition, supplements and alternative treatments. I recommend her to everyone I know. The needles do not hurt. They are so minuscule and provide relief from pain. Before you take prescription drugs or consider surgery try acupuncture from the best in the business right here in the Milford/Dingmans Ferry area of Pennsylvania. Anca is a wealth of information and makes you feel very comfortable during treatment.”

— Alice M., Milford, PA


Free of pain

“Worried that my golfing days were going to end due to lower back pain and also that I would not be able to lift my grandchildren, I tried acupuncture. Three visits and I am back on the golf course free of pain. Thank you Anca. Golfing buddies thank you, my wife thanks you and so do my grandkids.”

— Jack Roach, Lords Valley, PA


I walked out of her office without my cane

“I was in such pain in my back. A sharp pain, like a knife in my back. I couldn’t sit, stand or lay down without help. I saw her ad on a lunch mat at the diner, tore it out and went straight to her office. I walked in on a cane and she talked to me. I never had acupuncture before. I had tried everything else and nothing helped me. So I had nothing to loose, I went for it. To my shock and amazement I got up from the table and had no pain. I now could bend, sit and stand with no help. I walked out of her office without my cane and for the first time in a long time I felt wonderful. I would recommend Anca to anyone who has any pain. You don’t have to live with it.”

— Esther M., Fairfield, PA


Feeling better than I have in months

“I’m feeling better than I have in months! My back and hip is more than 80% better!”

— Gracia O., Miami Beach, FL


Thrilled with the results

“Anca is amazing! I have been suffering with excruciating migraines for years and decided to give acupuncture a try. Hesitant and scared of the unknown, Anca was gentle, kind, and a true professional. My migraines are less frequent and not as severe. I am amazed by her treatments and thrilled with the results that I have seen!”

— Stacey S., Dingmans Ferry, PA


Definitely recommend

“AMAZING EXPERIENCE – I went to Anca to try acupuncture for the first time. I’ve been talking about it and considering it for a few months and finally decided to make an appointment and I’m so glad that I did! I went for stress relief and to gain more balance in my moods. I noticed a huge difference in my attitude immediately. I felt extremely relaxed (something I’m not used to feeling) after the appointment and have been wanting to go back ever since. I love massages, especially hot stone massages, and I have to say, I was more relaxed from the acupuncture than any massage I’ve received in the past! And it’s cheaper than a massage! Another plus was that I had bitten the inside of my lip earlier in the week, this has happened to me before and last time it was so painful that after 2 weeks of not being able to enjoy eating or drinking anything, I had to get antibiotics. I didn’t even mention this sore on the inside of my lip (which had been especially swollen and painful that morning), but that same evening after dinner, I looked at it in the mirror and it had significantly reduced in size and the next day it was gone! I have no idea how it happened but I’m sure it was the acupuncture. I definitely recommend going to Anca as she is knowledgeable, understanding, and very nice. I was able to speak freely about all of my ailments/dietary issues/bad habits without feeling like I was being judged or scolded (like you get from some doctors). I am definitely going back.”

— J. C., New York, NY


99% Pain free

““You are never going to work at your business anymore,” said my friend. My left knee was extremely painful and I had leg cramps. To lessen the pain, I had to walk down the stairs backward. One visit with Anca improved my intense discomfort by 98%. My wife was so impressed with my results, she also went to Anca – with a different pain problem – and had the same excellent result. Now, six months later, at age 66, with a few more treatments from Anca, I can again climb ladders and enjoy cleaning gutters. It’s my business and I love doing it. I can continue to do it because I have continued to be 99% pain free due to Anca’s incredible expertise and dedication to her patients pain relief and good health.”

— Bill P., Milford, PA


Anca is the best by far

“I am a very active senior citizen. I compete in triathlons and play lots of tennis. I often have discomfort in one place or another. Through the years I have tried massage, chiropratic, rolfing,etc, with minor results. Acupuncture works the best for me. Depending on where I was living I have used a few different accupuncturists and Anca is the best by far. She is a true caring professional who takes a special interest in her patients. I am reluctant to write a testimonal because as more people learn of this healer it becomes more difficult to get an appointment. Anca is the best.”

— Bob F., Dingmans Ferry, PA


I can't believe the relief

“I have suffered from sciatic pain for several years, having had spinal injections several times with little or no relief. I was actually considering surgery for the pain when I decided to try acupuncture. I can’t believe the relief I have found after just a few visits! I am happy to say that my pain is almost non-existent since starting to see Anca. I don’t usually submit testimonials, but last week I attended a wedding and I was able to dance for the first time in over 5 years!! I can’t tell you how great it felt to do that again after sitting and watching for so many years. Thank you Anca for being the caring person you are and helping me on the road to living a pain free life!!”

— Donna M., Matamoras, PA


Anca came to the rescue

“My work requires me to do a lot of heavy lifting. Yesterday I did something wrong and sent my lower back into spasm. I had to leave work early since I couldn’t bend, and worst of all, I could barely drive home not sure if I could hit the brake pedal when needed. But Anca came to the rescue and 6 or so needles later, I was once again repaired. The spasm is gone and I’m looking forward to a full day work tomorrow, thanks to her ability to instinctively know right where the pain is centered and just the right technique to clear it up 100 per cent! I’m a very reluctant patient, and I know I don’t make her job easy, but she cures me despite myself.”

— John M., New York, NY


I'm still amazed

“I had trigger finger syndrome, meaning I could not bend my middle finger and I was also in alot of pain. I went to Anca to see if she could help me. I was also the biggest skeptic there is, but desparate times call for desparate measures. I wasn’t crazy about needles going in me but they really don’t hurt. SO after my first session, I was able to bend my finger better than I have in about 5 months and the pain was cut by 50%. I was truly amazed and so surprised. After the second session I hardly had any pain and I can close my hand. It only gets better. Anca has turned this skeptic into a true believer about acupuncture. I now tell people it is worth it to try. I’m still amazed.”

— Kathy F., Milford, PA


Will put you at ease and make you feel brand new

“I suffered some ulnar nerve problems with my left hand, with intermittent pain, numbness, tingling, cramping and severe weakness. The hand problems also caused me stress and worry. With Anca’s help, the problem is about 90% back to normal. Cramping/pain is infrequent, intermittent numbness is left only in my small finger and edge of palm. The strength has returned to my hand and it is no longer a problem. I am confident with just a little more time and treatment I will be back at 100%. Anca’s professionalism and compassion, along with her skills & technique, gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing by trying acupuncture. I was nervous at first, and Anca explained everything she was going to do so I was able to relax and be treated. I had never had acupuncture before but heard so many stories from others of how acupunture can help your body heal, so I was ready to try. Thankfully, Anca makes every treatment a wonderful experience. The surprise I received was how safe the treatment is, and how effective it is for so many things. Anca is always willing to share her knowledge and enlighten her patients on the benefits of acupunture and maintaining good health. I would absolutely feel comfortable referring my friends and family to A. M. Acupuncture, and I have already! There is nothing scary about this type of treatment. Anca will put you at ease and make you feel brand new in a short amount of time.
Thank you Anca!!!”

— Mary C., Greeley, PA


Every time I go to her I am always better

“I have been a patient of Anca’s for more than four years. When I first came in to see her, I had severe spasms in my back due to overworking them in rehearsals. The pain was at a high level and it was impeding my ability to dance, sleep, and just move comfortably. Anca knew exactly what points to needle in order to release the tension. She also worked on lowering my stress level and prescribed herbs that supported the condition. Her approach is holistic and she cares for you in a peaceful and caring way, that creates a nurturing environment for healing to occur. The next day my pain was gone. I have gone to other acupuncturists during my long dance career and no one has been able to help me like Anca. What surprises me about Anca is that every time I go to her I am always better. I have found over the years that this does not always happen. She also has a way of making you feel that everything is going to be okay and when you are hurting or in crisis that is so comforting. I have referred friends and family to Anca in the past and will continue to do so for as long as she is in practice. She is amazing!”

— Nancy R., Lake Hopatcong, NJ


Feel very comfortable referring my family and friends

“I recently was on a flight for 22 hours carrying my child who refused to sit down. I pulled my muscle in my lower back and it has been 2 weeks. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst my pain was a 10. immediately after 1 treatment my pain lessoned to a 5. I never understood how poking needles into someone could make you feel better, but I would feel very comfortable referring my family and friends.”

— Raj Dalavai, Milford, PA


Has truly helped me

“I had extreme dizziness and weakness. The dizziness has almost disappeared and I am feeling better overall. There is no pain, and you feel very relaxed and peaceful. She is a true professional and listens to you. She then tries to alleviate your problem by asking you questions and proceeding with the best possible treatment for your problems. She has truly helped me thru a very difficult time. Thank you Anca for caring.”

— Rosemarie R., Milford, PA


I was a skeptic

“I’m healed! Only Solution to work for my broken neck and blown discs, including surgery and chiropractic!! – Since I fractured 3 facets in my neck (C-5, 6 and 7) and herniated 3 discs in my lower back in a 1993 car accident, I have had over 12 surgeries, countless chiropractic appointments, massages, electric stim treatment, severed nerves, you name it - I’ve tried it. And worst of all meds. I have seen Anca at A. M. Accupuncture since August, and I am 90% pain free now. I used to have extreme pain every day - the kind of pain that leads to failure in all parts of life and a sense of utter despair, lonliness and desparation. I have now omitted some medications (all muscle relaxers) from my regimen totally, and am weening off pain meds. Even with strong pain meds, I used to hurt every day. The first two weeks after my first session, I was completely pain free. Then, the results came more gradually, but after the last two months, I am 100% better. Not just that the pain is gone, but my outlook on life is positive. The treatments are encouraging me to improve my diet, exercise, attitude, and I am a much happier person all the time. I must admit that I was a skeptic - I tend to be a skeptic of anything other than modern science. But Anca’s gentle, intellegent, healing touch has made me a believer. She explains everything she is doing before she does it. She puts the patient’s comfort above anything. She has a natural gift for healing, and she has truly been an angel in my life. I would recommend her to anyone wtih chronic pain, or anyone who just wants better health, diet, and outlook on life. The days after treatment give you a giddy feeling, like you’re floating on a cloud. I can’t believe it’s legal! Thank you Anca!”

— M.C., New York, NY


I would recommend Anca 100%

“I called Anca because I know she’s the only person who understands exactly what points I need treated, and I knew after I was done I was going to feel relief. Anca is compassionate and listens to you. I would recommend Anca 100%.”

— Sharon A., New York, NY


I would giver her 6 stars if I could

“Anca is a wonderful healer who is passionate about what she does. Her holistic approach is so refreshing and genuine that you trust her immediately. She has not only helped me with my various aches and pains (50 years of being bruised and contused in various athletic endeavors), but our discussions about dietary and general overall health have become tools for me to use in what I like to call “getting down the other side in one piece”. I highly recommend Anca to anyone reading this review. I would give her 6 stars if I could.”

— Corey Abdo, Manhasset, NY 


I tell everyone about her

“I would like everyone to know what a great professional Anca is. I’ve had pain in my lower back which she has eliminated, and also suffered from neuropathy in my feet which she has curtailed tremendously after just several visits. I’ve tried physical therapy, but Anca is the one that actually has treated me successfully. I tell everyone about her. If she can help me, maybe she’ll be able to help you.”

— Vinny W., Dingmans Ferry, PA


Marvelous skill

“Anca, I am indebted to you for your marvelous skill in eliminating the troubling and constant pain in my left hand and wrist. I had sought help with MDs but with no relief. Thank you for not only for your unique ability to help heal, but, too, for being a sensitive and patient person.”

— Judy Weed, Milford, PA


I could not believe it

“I was in so much pain in my arm I could not even lift the sheet at night when I got into bed. After my very first visit, I could not believe it, I could move my arm, up, down, behind my back, and actually pull the covers over me when I get into bed. It now feels really great, I can do all my chores and whatever it takes to move my arm. Anca is great, kind, caring and listens to what you are telling her. I enjoy my talks about health and nutrition also. I have talked to everyone I know about going to Anca and give her a chance. My first referral was my best friend who was having problems with her feet and walking. She went and could not believe it, she is sleeping better and I can see the pain in her face is gone. Now her sister is going for pain she was experiencing in her arm, 100% better for her also. Give Anca a chance at acupuncture, you will be amazed!!”

— Fran M., Lords Valley, PA


I am in the best care with her

“I have been going to Anca for about 4-5 years for a few different issues. She thoroughly examines each situation through a holistic approach and reevaluates with every session thereafter for what is best needed for long-term healing. She is extremely knowledgeable about the field, yet can explain it to me so I understand the process as well. I have no doubt that I am in the best care with her.”

— C. H., New York, NY


Sometimes her treatments border on miracles

“I have osteo-arthritis and Anca has treated me on a regular basis for over 4 years. She is an excellent acupuncturist, the best I know, sometimes her treatments border on miracles....She is very skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable, helpful and kind. She has always succeeded to ease the pain and discomfort caused by arthritis. I recently had severe pain, mainly lower back and very painful in the hip area with pain shooting down the legs. After the treatment, the pain became less and less, my ability to walk improved and bending became easier. I had much less pain, and the following day it became only a discomfort. I recommend her highly.”

— Chris G., Manhattan, NY


True professional

“Anca is amazing! She is a true professional, compassionate, patient and caring. Always takes her time to thoroughly explain everything and has a wonderful bedside manner. Love!”

— Azaleea C., Brooklyn, NY


The best there is

“I have had acupuncture for years by different practitioners and Anca is the best there is. She is professional, courteous, patient, holistic in her approach, kind and flexible. She also takes the time to help educate you as you try new things. When I first visited I was suffering severe pain that had been going on for over six months. Even after the first visit there was a substantial difference in my symptoms and it only got better from there. A.M. Acupuncture is a wonderful place whether you have experience with acupuncture or not, because you have never had it quite like this!”

— Amanda G., Manhattan, NY


100% Satisfied

“I’m writing because I’m a 100% satisfied customer. Anca is a miracle worker! I suffered for a month with a bad back ache. I had three visits to the chiropractor and still had pain. The pain turned into spasms that made me cry. I had one visit with Anca and the spasms stopped. I returned for a second visit and felt like a new person. She is not only knowledgeable in her profession, she is kind and caring. Without even knowing me, she stayed late to get me in. If you’re in pain, do not think twice. Go see Anca. She’s great!!”

— Margaret D., Honesdale, PA


Incredibly positive results

“I have seen Anca for three different conditions. She always takes the time to ask a series of comprehensive questions, provides good guidance and has helped me in each instance within 1-3 visits. I have highly recommended her to everyone from friends, family and my PCP. All of them have had the same incredibly positive results with her treatment and her overall demeanor.”

— Julie B., Ossining, NY


Pain is dramatically reduced

“I had upper back pain for months. After just a couple of sessions the pain is dramatically reduced. Anca is an intelligent, professional and caring person. Each experience has been wonderful. I’ve already referred her to friends and family.”

— Michelle K., Hemlock Farms, PA


Significantly less pain

“I have had chronic back pain ongoing for about 3 or so years now. I never thought of trying acupuncture (nor would I have been interested) however, recently, after trying and receiving little relief I spoke with a colleague who recommended Anca. I have to admit, the needles going in are NOT my favorite thing in the world but the relief I get after, it’s worth it! I have significantly less pain immediately after treatment. I would (and already have) recommended Anca to friends and family.”

— Kristen S., Greenwood Lake, NY


What a miracle

“Dear Anca, I’ve written a testimonial below and I’d appreciate if you could pass it along and publish it on your website so that others can see what a miracle worker you are. I feel forever indebted to you for helping me to become pain free. Thank you so much:

I can’t begin to tell you how much Anca has changed my life. I was suffering with chronic neck pain everyday of my life for the last seven months. The pain was intense and nonstop. I had gone to the doctors and had x-rays and an MRI with no answers. I was scheduled to see an orthopedic surgeon when my husband found her online and thought I should give acupuncture a try. After just one treatment my pain went from constant to barely there and after the second treatment I was completely pain free. On a side note, during my first appointment I had also mentioned that I have suffered from headaches and TMJ pain most of my life. I wasn’t expecting her to be able to do anything about it but lo and behold, she fixed it after just one treatment. What a miracle. I will forever be indebted to Anca. I feel like I have a new lease on life. I will continue to follow up with her from time to time to maintain my well being and pain free status.”

— Jolynn H., Milford, PA


She's top shelf

“Anca is an accomplished and caring clinician. She has treated me for back pain multiple times and I always get relief from her great work. I’ve seen many acupuncturists over the years and she’s top-shelf!  ”

— Peter D., Acupuncturist, New York, NY


She is a gift

“Anca combines knowledge, intuition and grace in her practice and care of her patients! After a near fatal car accident over a year ago, I am still dealing with much soft tissue damage and reintegration, post concussion issues and more. After only one session with Anca, who was able to zero in on what was needed, I got relief from daily vertigo - to ONE episode in a week! I have seen soft tissue swelling decrease substantially, more mobility in neck, and well over 50% decrease in muscle spasms. This has been in 3 sessions! I will continue to work with Anca, as she is my primary healing practitioner at this point in my recovery. She is a gift. Each session, I am given more hope and more physical evidence of healing. My knee had absolutely NO PAIN TODAY! First time in 14 months - since before the accident!!!! THANK YOU!!!”

— Susan Y., Milford, PA


I am pain free

“A note from a grateful patient: For well over 40 years I have suffered painful incidents in both my calf muscles which robbed me of sleep and lowered my energy level. No doctor has been able to deal with my problem; after six acupuncture treatments with you, Anca, I am pain-free! This gift of yours will always be cherished by me. You’ve brought me from despair and suffering to a healthy, happy state! My most profound thanks.”

— Bob Weed, Milford, PA


Highly recommend her services

“I have been going to A. M. Acupuncture for several months and have found Anca’s treatments to be extremely helpful. My left knee would give way, and sometimes I would be close to falling. I no longer have this problem. I had severe pain in my left shoulder and right foot, and after several treatments, the pain no longer exists. Currently I am being treated for pain in my right knee which is getting better. I highly recommend her services.”

— Jim T., Hemlock Farms, PA


The entire experience was amazing

“Awesome experience, great acupuncturist – I went to Anca a couple of weeks ago as I’ve always wanted to try acupuncture and I have to say the entire experience was amazing. I was mainly interested in relaxing and getting help with extremely high stress levels. The first session consisted of a consultation where Anca provided her insight into everything from nutrition to psychology. We had a great discussion into all that was ailing me inlcuding past medical treatments, sleep patterns, diet, stress relief etc. Even before the actual acupuncture treatments began I had more of an understanding about my behavior and environmental factors that contributed to my stress levels. The acupuncture process wasn’t painful at all, which I was concerned with as I do not like needles. She made me very at ease with the treatment and after all of the needles were inserted a calming fog came over me as I almost drifted into sleep. The next few hours after the treatment left me in a state of complete relaxation even as I got back to the office and started working. It has been a few weeks since the treatment and I have been feeling much better with lower levels of stress. I would highly recommend Anca to anyone looking for an acupuncturist.”

— C. P., New York, NY


Pain free

“Before my acupuncture treatments with Anca, I had chronic upper back pain. After my first treatment, my pain diminished significantly, and after my second treatment I can honestly say I was pain free. It’s going on two months now, and I have follow up visits every three weeks or whenever I feel the need to see her. She has really helped me in a great way.”

— Linda L., Brooklyn, NY


More mobility, along with additional energy

“The onset of the golden years, arrived with the unwelcome aches and pains in addition to six levels of degenerative disc disease, confirmed by an MRI. As a registered nurse, who is extremely skeptical of available modalities, the thought of epidural steroid injections for my lumbar spine pain, was the only option to consider. Preferring to resort to a less invasive process, the decision to try acupuncture was made. I have now received six sessions of treatment from Anca, attending weekly treatments, resulting in a pain free status. I find I have more mobility, along with additional energy since I am no longer dealing with pain. I recommend Anca’s expertise treatment to anyone wishing to live life to the fullest. Having not felt this good in a long time, I have joined a local dance class, which would have been impossible to consider a few weeks ago.”

— Karen U., Milford, PA


I'm virtually symptom-free

“I have been seeing Anca for almost 1 year and all I can say is she is a TRUE healer. I started acupuncture because of migraines, general anxiety and some digestive issues and I’m happy to say I am virtually symptom free. I’m also a bit of a hypochondriac-lite and Anca always takes the time to explain everything to me in the most patient and soothing manner. I always look forward to my sessions and feel incredible after!”

— Melissa B., New York, NY


I felt like my old self before the accident

“I want to thank you so much for your help. I am sitting at my computer at work and have no pain. Sometimes I’ll catch myself reaching for my neck to rub it as an old reflex, and then I’ll realize my neck doesn’t hurt. Thank you so, so much! You are amazing at what you do and a real gift to human life and spirit, as well as body. I felt like my old self before the accident. I was giddy with joy for two weeks with absolutely no pain. You are like a new angel that has come into our lives, because I’m overall 80% better and sometimes 100% better.”

— Michael C., Queens, NY


Wonderful difference in my health

“Anca’s genuine concern for the whole person and her treatment strategy has made a pronounced and wonderful difference in my health. I would gladly recommend her to anyone.”

— Kelly N., New York, NY


She's really gifted

“Before Anca, I’d had three different acupuncturists plus a couple of impersonal Chinatown sessions. Of all, I highly recommend Anca. I had the least painful period in ten years after the first treatment from her. Her assessments are insightful and she works with various techniques. I’ve explored enough types of treatments to know that her ability to help the body heal is more than a ‘calling’. She’s really gifted. I’d recommend her kind of treatment to anyone and her enthusiasm for her clients is great.”

— Cynthia S., Brooklyn, NY


Cares deeply

“Anca is one of the best people I know. She is passionate and cares deeply about her work and her clients. I have found her a helpful and dedicated person and healthcare provider.”

— L. M., New Hyde Park, NY


I keep pinching myself

“Anca, once again, thank you so much! This is the FIRST TIME I have seen my husband without constant pain! He really has not had pains since the last session and we are in shock. I truly have never known him without constant pain. I keep pinching myself.”

— Millie C., Queens, NY


My shoulder pain was gone

“On the advice of my physician, I reluctantly tried acupuncture treatment for chronic shoulder pain. After just one treatment with Anca my shoulder pain was gone! The night of my treatment I slept like a baby and woke up feeling relaxed. Coincidentally, when I lit up my morning cigarette the next day it tasted so disgusting that I had to put it out. Acupuncture works! I’m a believer.”

— Elizabeth M., Manhattan, NY


Able to return to my active lifestyle

“After 9 months of experiencing pain/discomfort in both knees and hips and trying other types of PT and acupuncture, with much apprehension about this type of treatment, I was pleasantly surprised about how well I felt and able to return to my active lifestyle after a few initial treatments. While not 100% better at this point, feel much better. I would feel very comfortable in referring anyone to your office.”

— William K., Milford, PA


Terrific results

“Anca is an amazing acupuncturist. Ive gone to her for stress management, respiratory distress, as well as pain, all with terrific results. Her knowledge of Chinese herbal remedies is also impressive.”

— Cid S., Manhattan, NY


Kind-hearted, gentle

“Anca is an amazing combination between ancient healing techniques and modern healthcare; she integrates herself into the quality of life of her patients in addition to the constant pursuit of honing her art, skills, and knowledge. She is a kind-hearted, gentle-mannered person whose demeanor alone is palliative.”

— Rares C., MD, Queens, NY